Temporary Residence Visa / Tourism

Temporary Residence Visa allows you to enter and remain in Canada for specific period of time.

Tourist Visa

Tourists travel to Canada every year for a variety of purposes. If you are planning to enter Canada temporarily, including tourists, temporary foreign workers, and international students, you must obtain a temporary residence visa upon arrival. Iranians need a temporary visa to enter Canada.

Single Canadian visa or single entry

With a single Canadian visa, you can enter Canada only once during the specified period and stay in this country until the end of your visa validity. When you leave Canada, you will only apply for your visa if it is not yet fully valid if you still have a permit.

Multiple Canadian visa or Multiple Entries

This visa, which also allows for a multi-Canadian visa, will enable you to travel to Canada indefinitely until the end of the visa, and stay in Canada for up to 6 months each time you enter. At the end of the six months, all you must do is leave Canada for a few hours and, upon re-entering Canada, allow yourself to stay in Canada for six months again. As the Iranian passport or passport law’s implementation in five years, this visa is also famous as a 5-year Canadian visa.

Canadian Super Visa

The Canadian Super Visa is another type of tourist visa for people whose children or grandchildren are Canadian citizens or residing in Canada. This visa is valid for ten years, but because the Iranian passport is valid for five years, it has also been issued for five years. For a Super Visa, a formal invitation from the applicant’s child or grandchild over 18 is required. Also, the inviter must prove that he/she will come during the stay if he/she is forced to do so? For this purpose, his / her monthly salary must be on the Canadian annual income statement table, and residence documents and family financial and medical assessment sheets must be attached to the applicant’s visa application file.

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